2014 Forest Park Club Championship results

Comfortable temperatures, stiff competition, and a comradery that leaves other clubs envious set the stage for the 2014 Forest Park Club Championship. With gross, net, men’s, women’s, and senior divisions contested over three days, there was plenty of action to be seen on the course, and plenty of tales of glory and woe to be heard on our deck!!

A complete listing of results is below, but first some special thanks to Bruce “B” Cardin and his staff for supplying nourishment and hydration and to June Blake and her staff for providing a great set up and arguably, our best course conditions for all three days. Last but not least, to Leo Romanos who has passionately coordinated and competed in this event for so many years. Leo spends a great deal (albeit recently more abundant) free time organizing this event and the hard work shows!! Congratulations to our champions!

Men’s Gross results 
Garrett Kuta – 227 (champion)
Jay Sniezek – 231
Leo Romanos – 234

Women’s Gross results
Angie Lingner – 183 (champion)
Holly McGovern – 184

Senior Men’s Gross results
Tom Bednarz – 248 (champion)
Gary Sadlowski – 251

Men’s Overall Net results
Joe Cameron – 201 (champion)

Men’s 1st Division Net results
Bruce Sniezek– 202 (champion)
Chris Bourdon – 206
Geoff Kondell – 207

Women’s Net results
Renelle Moser – 139 (champion)
Ginny Fuller – 148

Senior Men’s Net results
Joe Maruco – 138 (champion)
Dick Dean & Don Coones – 141

Men’s 2nd Division Net results
John Starsja – 204 (champion)
Joe McGovern – 205
Dick Carpenter Jr. – 208