The Nine Holes at Forest Park







(sung to the tune of the twelve days of Christmas)

On the first hole at Forest Park my tee shot gave to me:
One out of bounds and now I’m hitting three!

On the second hole at Forest, Park “B” Cardin gave to me:
His famous quote; “you pr*#k of misery”

On the third hole at Forest Park, Dave Aitken gave to me:
A hole in one that was anything but free!

On the fourth hole at Forest Park, Donald Coones gave to me:
An experienced tip: “Aim for the white birch tree”

On the fifth hole at Forest Park, June Blake gave to me:
A pin placement that won’t let me make three.

On the sixth hole at Forest Park, my driver gave to me:
A second shot – right behind a @$^!!** pine tree.

On the seventh hole at Forest Park, my putter gave to me:
“On in two, and ended up bogey”

On the Eighth hole at Forest Park, the tee box gave to me:
A Berkshire view that all other courses envy!

On the ninth hole at Forest Park, the crowd on the deck gave to me:
Putting tips, not once, not twice, well, you get the point!!

Thanks to all of our members and friends (new and old) for another great year at Forest Park! Seasons Greetings and see you in the spring!